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When Do I Really Get to Play?

I love this season of life we are in with our family! Our kids are at such fun ages–our twin girls just turned six and our little man will be turning three in a few, short weeks. This past summer, we introduced recreational sports to the kids. We signed the girls up for soccer and signed Jett up for baseball. It’s been so fun seeing them learn new things and try something they have never done before.

We decided to enroll them in leagues that are ran more like clinics than actual teams. I have seen one too many “soccer games” where I witnessed a bunch of kids swarming the soccer ball up and down the field–occasionally scoring a lucky goal, most of the time, in the wrong goal. (Makes me anxious just thinking about it, haha.)

After a few weeks into the season, our girls asked this question. “When are we going to really play soccer?” This was a BLOG moment for me.

We went on the explain that they are playing soccer. They are learning and doing everything a soccer player does, except for playing an actual game, where you keep score. It took a few times of us explaining this to them before they realized that even though they aren’t playing in an actual game, they are playing soccer.

Do you desire to be a writer, photographer or a CEO of your own company?  Do you ever find yourself saying things like, “I can’t wait to actually be able to do what I desire/ love to do?”

I’ve done this too! I have spent weeks, months and sometimes even more time asking, “When can I really play?”

Sure, we could have signed them up to “really play” soccer but they wouldn’t actually be “really playing.” They would look like a soccer player, (cute, especially) but not posses some of the skills and disciplines a soccer player must learn in order to be successful. Playing soccer is much more than wearing a jersey and getting to eat snacks after the game. It’s more about learning to dribble (I thought that was only a basketball term), passing the ball to other players, getting into position–it’s about learning to put on your own cleats and tying your own shoes.

So, instead of asking, “When do I get to really play?” Let’s go out and really, play–with all that we are, embracing every lesson and step in the process, understanding that all that we are walking through and expericing is not only foundational but critical to our success.

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