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When the Same Feels Good.

My three kids have been raised in the same house, by the same parents. Two of them even shared the same womb for 9 months, and have pretty much lived the same life, everyday.

But they are not the same and neither is my love for them. My husband BJ and I love and nurture their hearts, passions and interests, uniquely.

Often times, in our best effort to not dish out this cookie cutter love on them, the way we honor and nurture them as individuals often feels like we are leaving another one out or overlooking the other.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

They don’t want to be loved the same, but sometimes the same feels more comforting. Sometimes the same feels good.

Do you ever feel like this? You find yourself praying and desperately wanting a unique, unlike anyone else kind of story, purpose and vision; yet, secretly you desire the same?

In the same way I encourage my kids when they want the same, let me encourage you. Heck, let me encourage myself!

You don’t want the same, and, eventhough it feels comforting in the moment; your story, is so unique, so beautiful it doesn’t deserve to be compared to anyone else.

God wants to love you, uniquely! So let Him! Allow Him to gift you, show you and lead you in a personal way.

When you really pause and reflect, you know that you don’t really want the same.

God sees you and you matter to Him. He has not overlooked you or forgotten about you. Instead, He has plans, dreams, gifts and moments crafted just for you, with your name on it!

Embrace your story, be fully present, with a grateful heart towards your Heavenly Father, knowing that He doesn’t love you the same, but loves you, uniquely.


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