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Yesterday marked day 8 of my new schedule. It has gone really well- each morning I have been waking up extra early to workout, spend a little time in prayer, reading and blogging, all before the girls are up and ready for the day. I get dressed in time to spend some quality time with my family before I leave for work. I feel so much better, seem to have more energy and at the end of my day, I feel accomplished! I have even been taking my vitamins every night. Finally, I have found a schedule that works for me in my new role as full time working mommy, who happens to be planting a church too. I loved the response from my post on Monday. I especially loved reading your comments about all that you are grateful for. Since Sunday night, I have been determined that this was going to be a great week at work. Why? Because I am grateful for it! It’s Tuesday. Yesterday was a beautiful morning! The sun was shining, but it was still cool. The birds were chirping and I was excited about the day. My workout was extra productive and as I was walking into the house, the smell of coffee and pancakes greeted my senses. BJ had already started preparing our big breakfast we have every Tuesday morning. I go into work an hour later on Tuesdays, so we try to have a big breakfast together since I usually miss dinner time this night, working later. BJ made a yummy breakfast. (these pancakes are actually protein pancakes, so they are not only good for you, but they taste delish!!)We listened to one of our new favorite albums, “Zion” by Hillsong United and enjoyed each others company. Great Hair Day. I had a great hair day, my outfit came together nicely, and I even found a necklace I had been looking for in my drawer. I had a pep in my step and was on my second cup of coffee before I walked out of the door. It was going to be a great day. Why? Because I am grateful for it! Principal’s Office. Then it all went downhill from there. Without going into too many details, let me just say, the day went south. It was probably one of the most stressful, event-filled, never want to re live it again, kind of days. It. Was. Horrible. If I were in school again, it would be equivalent to spending the day in the Principal’s office after being locked in my school locker by the school’s bully! Running Late. BJ and I had dinner plans last night, and because I had to put out a few more fires before the day’s end, we were about 30 minutes late. I opened the car door to see three smiling, beautiful faces. I exhaled in much relief, my crazy hectic day was officially over. On our car ride to dinner, I went play by play with BJ about my day. He of course helped bring laughter to the situation and reminded me on what really mattered. Discouraged. Be Encouraged. I don’t know if you have been discouraged since trying to walk in an attitude of gratefulness or if you have been trying new things, new routines and feeling resistance, but today I want to encourage you to not fret. Whatever “new” thing you are trying, keep trying and do not give up or give in. Whenever you experience resistance like this you can be sure of one thing, you are in the right place doing the right thing. I may have had a crazy, not so fun day, but guess what? I am still grateful for my job and determined to have better days in the days to come.

Every week I highlight a TRUTH about you, your life, or about a situation you may be facing and then I DARE you to believe it.

Here is this week’s TRUTH or DARE.


“Today was going to be a good day, then I woke up.” anonymous (A little humor today)

DARE: Keep going, don’t be driven off course by discouragement.

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